Me Myself and I

Go straight to the point.

I was born on Monday, 02nd February 1998. My dad gave me a long cute name, the best name ever in this earth! -Gaung Aidaferti Zelina- There is a story behind my name. But, you don’t have to know hehehe…

Just call me “Zelin” and i’ll be in your side, uh no. Kidding.

Im a teenager. Im labile. full of crazy. But sometimes i prefer spend my time alone to do such unimportant things. Weellll, guys. I have no idea to tell you something. But

My hobbies are: Reading (except schoolbook hehe), Listening to my favmusics, and playing music itself. I have one brother and one sister. Both of them are older than me.Sometimes they

are sooo cute to me, but sometimes damnable. Who cares?

I live in a small town in Java island. Pasuruan! anyone have known that? dont answer. just pretend that you understand. It’s not really famous, but it’s such a  cushy place, i think so.

Take a sit, studying everyday in my beloved Palace -SMPN 1 PASURUAN-

wanna know more about me?

Contact person: twitter : @zelzelina



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